An eyebrow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift or browplasty, is a well-liked cosmetic treatment used to counteract the effects of aging and give the upper face a more young and refreshed appearance. As we become older, our skin becomes less elastic and the muscles that maintain our eyebrows raised start to deteriorate, which results in drooping brows, forehead creases, and frown lines.

The upper face may appear worn-out, dated, or even furious due to the effects of gravity and frequent facial movements. By raising the eyebrows to a higher, more aesthetically acceptable position and removing deep furrows and creases on the forehead, the eyebrow lift corrects these problems.

Aside from improving one’s looks, a brow lift can also slightly change one’s demeanor, making one seem more accessible and rested. Lifting the brows can make the eyes look bigger and more open, giving the face a brighter and younger appearance.

How is an Eyebrow Lift Performed?

An eyebrow lift is a delicate surgical operation that requires the plastic surgeon to be skilled and precise. The approach that is used depends on the person’s particular facial architecture and the degree of brow sagging. The three primary methods for performing an eyebrow lift are as follows:

  • Endoscopic Brow Lift: This minimally invasive surgery requires many tiny incisions to be made behind the hairline. A thin tube with a camera attached called an endoscope is inserted through these incisions by the surgeon to view the tissues beneath. The eyebrows are then raised and repositioned to a higher, younger posture using specialized tools. The eyebrows are fixed in their new position using dissolvable anchors or sutures once the desired positioning has been achieved. In comparison to other procedures, the endoscopic brow lift often produces smaller incisions, less scarring, and a quicker recovery.
  • Coronal Brow Lift: The coronal brow lift is a conventional procedure that entails creating a lengthy incision from one ear to the other along the top of the scalp. The surgeon raises and repositions the eyebrows through this incision in order to give them a more appealing position. Following any required changes, the incision is meticulously stitched or stapled shut. The coronal brow lift gives the surgeon better access to the underlying tissues and is appropriate for patients with more pronounced eyebrow drooping. In contrast to the endoscopic method, this method may cause a more pronounced scar and a longer period of recovery.
  • Temporal Brow Lift: Also known as a limited incision brow lift, the temporal brow lift entails making a few tiny incisions along the hairline, close to the temples. The surgeon uses these incisions to raise and relocate the outer eyebrow hairs. This method works well for people who need a slight adjustment to the position of their eyebrows and have little to no sagging in the middle of their brows. Shorter incisions and a speedier recovery are advantages of the temporal brow lift.

What Should Be Considered After an Eyebrow Lift?

  • Recovery: Patients should anticipate minor swelling and bruising around the forehead and eye area following the eyebrow lift operation. It is crucial to carefully adhere to the surgeon’s post-operative recommendations, which may include refraining from physically demanding activities and sleeping with the head raised to promote recovery.
  • Scarring: Just like with other surgical surgery, brow lifts could leave scars. Expert surgeons, however, take care to strategically position incisions within the hairline, where they are less obvious as they heal over time.
  • Long-term Results: Although individual results may differ, an eyebrow lift can result in long-lasting results. Patients are urged to adopt good lifestyle practices, protect their skin from sun damage, and adhere to a regular skincare regimen in order to preserve the benefits.
  • Hairline Position: The position of the hairline may change slightly depending on the technique employed. To make sure they are okay with the possible modifications, patients should talk to their surgeon about this aspect.

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    Depending on the hospital or clinic, there may be a variety of payment plans available in Turkey for brow lift surgery. The majority of reliable businesses accept cash, bank transfers, and credit cards as forms of payment. In order to make the operation more inexpensive, certain clinics may provide financing alternatives or installment plans, which patients can enquire about.

    Since an eyebrow lift is largely done for aesthetic reasons, it is typically seen as a cosmetic operation and is not covered by insurance. However, insurance might pay for a functional brow lift if a patient’s drooping eyebrows seriously affect their vision. It is crucial to speak with the insurance company to get the precise needs and coverage.

    Due to a number of circumstances, eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey could be more affordable than in certain other nations. The cost of living and paying medical staff is lower in Turkey, which lowers the overall cost of medical procedures. Additionally, Turkey has become a well-liked location for medical tourism, luring patients from outside with affordable pricing and skilled doctors.

    Yes, a lot of Turkish clinics provide financing solutions to help patients cover the expense of a brow lift. These financing schemes could involve flexible payment terms or low-interest loans. Before arranging the treatment, patients interested in financing should speak with the clinic of their choice about the available choices.

    In Turkey, there is often no set upper age limit for brow lift procedures. The person’s general health, medical history, and aesthetic objectives are taken into account when determining whether they are a candidate for the surgery. No matter their age, patients who are in good condition and have reasonable expectations can have their eyebrows lifted.

    Eyebrow lift surgery is typically risk-free and safe when done by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. However, problems can happen throughout any surgical surgery. By selecting a board-certified surgeon and according to all pre- and post-operative instructions, problems can be minimized.

    Although serious issues following brow lift surgery are uncommon, possible side effects could include:

    • Infection at the incision site
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Delayed wound healing
    • Nerve damage leading to temporary or permanent numbness
    • Hairline changes or hair loss near the incision sites
    • Near the incision sites, the hairline may alter or fall out.

    Before having surgery, patients must have a detailed discussion with their surgeon about any possible risks and problems.

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